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Heat Recovery

The process of replacing stale, contaminated indoor air with clean, filtered, outdoor fresh air is best achieved using Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery. 

O'Leary Ventilation Ltd. offer a complete range of Heat Recovery Ventilation products as an energy efficient solution to providing good Indoor Air Quality. Heat Recovery Ventilation units utilise energy efficient heat exchangers to transfer heat from outgoing stale air to incoming fresh air, greatly reducing the energy required to maintain a constant room temperature.  The Heat Exchanger consumes no power.

As the fresh outside air is warmed by the Heat Exchanger the relative humidity is lowered below the level needed to control condensation, mould growth, building fabric deterioration and the house dust mite.  There is no cross-contamination as the two air streams do not mix.

Products available range from small single room wall mounted units to remote ducted units suitable for Whole House systems and larger commercial applications. Refer to Product Range for more details.