Lo Carbon Sentinel Kinetic Plus

A wholehouse heat recovery system with 92% energy efficiency. An easily accessible heat recovery cube protected by two removeble EU3 filters. Two Lo-Carbon Energy Saving EC DC fans ensure long life typically over double the life of AC motors and lowest possible energy use. Fully insulated construction with built in condensation drain.

Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic meets the latest requirements of the Building Regulations Ducument F 2006 for wholehouse system ventilation.

The Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic models have 3 adjustable speeds nominally. On the front of the unit is a digital controller that can be used to reset the speeds to any required performance, up to 400m3/hr. Offering 'Close Control' to prevent over ventilating.

In addition the operating temperature settings can be pre-programmed for automatic operation of the summer bypass.


The integral humidity sensor increases fan speed in proportion to relative humidity levels saving energy and reducing noise. The sensor also reacts to small but rapid increases in humidity even if the normal trigger threshold is not reached. This unique feature ensures adequate ventilation even for the smallest wetroom.

Night time relative humidity setback feature supresses nuisance tripping as dwelling humidity gradually increases with falling temperature. Acoustically lined - low noise levels from only 20dB(A) @3m.

Airflow Options

Normal; Airflow based on system pressure. Airflow reduces as system pressure increases. Constant Volume; Maintains pre-set Airflow irrespective of system pressure. Constant Pressure; Maintains system pressure by adjusting airflow when constant pressure dampers open or close.

Features & Benefits

  • SAP Q Eligible - specific fan powers down to 0.49
  • Light Weight for easy installation
  • Easy Access Filters
  • External Condensate Connection
  • Plug and Play Controls; Humidistat; Vent-Wise; Wireless Remote
  • Switched Line Inputs(Light Switch Control)
  • Volt Free Inputs for proportional control
  • Self Diagnosis for simplified fault finding
  • Multiple Switching Options; Light Switch, P/R, Humidistat etc.
  • Delay on / Delay off Timer
  • Manufactured in the UK

    User Benefits
    Delay-on Timer prevents unnecessary boosting
    Delay-OffTimer ensures effective moisture removal
    100% Summer Bypass Option takes advantage of free cooling
    Very low energy consumption for low running costs and reduced Carbon Footprint for Lo-Watt Dc Motor with 5 year warranty for years of trouble free use.
    Very low noise levels
    Easy Access Filters and Cleaning reminder
    Open flue setting emsures safe ventilation when used with an open flue heating appliance
    Heat recovert 92% thermal efficiency
    Only 24kg easy installation and handling
    Left or Right Hand installation (Right hand supplied)

    Developers & landlords Benefits
    SAP Appendix Q Eligable
    Building Regulations Part F Compliant
    Clean Filter Indicator
    PIN Number lock on commissioning window
    7 day dry out setting
    Running Time Duration Indicator
    Fault Code Indicator and Service Number
    BMS Input & Output
    Reduces DER's to assist with code for sustainable homes compliance
    Ultra Quiet


    Airflow Options

    Normal; Airflow based on System Pressure. Airflow reduces a ssystem pressure increases.

    Constant Volume; Maintains preset Airflow irrespective of System Pressure.

    Constant Pressure; Maintains System Pressure by adjusting Airflow when constant pressure dampers open or close.

Condensation Control

  • Continuous Extraction from wet romos
  • Air replaced by drier pre-warmed fresh air
  • Eliminates condensation and prevents mould growth
  • Conserves building fabric and reduces decoration costs


  • Draft Free Ventilation
  • Removes Smells, smoke and Harmful Gases
  • Constant Supply of Clean Frest Air
  • Extra Ventilation unnecessary
  • Closed Window minimise effects of outside noise (Traffic etc.)
  • Added Security benefits by keeping windows closed


  • Recycles Heat and Saves Energy
  • Sophisticated and efficient manufacturing techniques ensure low cost, affordable system
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Reduces Dedecoration Costs
  • Extractor fans and trickle vents not needed


  • Benefits asthma and hay fever sufferers by removing airbourne pollution which can cause allergies and health problems.
  • Odours, cooking smells and smoke-efficiently extracted
  • Constant circulation of clean, fresh air.

How we install our systems


1st FIX
This includes supply and fitting of all ductwork and Heat Recovery Unit. A condensation drain off pipe from the unit to the atmosphere is also installed.

2nd FIX
This occurs when your house has been plastered (but not painted). We fix a short section of duct complete with a 15mm flange between the duct and the ceiling. This will ensure that your system will be airtight at this point. External louvers can now be fitted.

When all ceiling are painted the ceilings valves can be fitted. The controls can now be fitted and the entire system is commissioned. The installation is then complete.

All ductwork used in our system are of rigid duct (light wall PVC). All are insulated in open areas i.e. attics and crawl spaces.